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Apr. 20th, 2020

Friends Only. Locked.

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What's this? A post?

Moving + grad school ate my life. Particularly fandom and internet time. But, a few days of downtime (meaning I only went into lab a few hours each day this week...during my "summer break") and I managed to get some icons done.

It's been at least a year since I've touched icon-making, so I'm pretty happy with most of these :D

edit: LJ. Seriously. Why would you automatically change the case of my tags. That 'i' is going to bug the crap out me.

20 in 20 challenge!Collapse )
Okay, I'm sure most people on my flist don't actually play Mass Effect, but I'll put this under a cut anyways.

That ending. A rant.Collapse )

On a happier note, I told my boss I got accepted into Clemson's DPA program, that the decision deadline was April 15th, that I (truthfully) hadn't accepted yet, and that I (not quite so honestly) am still considering my options. He was completely awesome about it :)

More fanart!

Before I disappear back into the world of Mass Effect: Happy Birthday pirateveronica :)

Voyager fanartCollapse )

Fan Art: HTTYD Snuggles

What's this? I'm actually posting fanart? I blame kiarasayre. It's all her fault.

Below the cut are four color sketches of snuggle time in How to Train Your Dragon. Featuring Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Stoick, a gronkle, and a toy dragon. Not all at once.

Here there be dragons...Collapse )

111 Star Trek Icons (mostly VOY)

Well, apparently its been forever since I've actually posted any icons I've made. Below the cut are icons primarily from voy_stillness, a few others from frontier_lims.

Also, fun things I realized over the course of making these - my monitor is a *lot* brighter than I thought it was. I saw some of my more recent icons on a different screen and realized that they seemed really dull. Whoops.


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Meme time!

Because I can:

meme borrowed/stolen from pirateveronica

Name me a character and I will tell you:

- Why I love them or why I dooooon't love them.
- Who I want them to Marry, Seduce, Kill or Most Definitely Not Ever Seduce
- My favorite gen relationship with this character.
- An unpopular opinion about this character.
- One thing I wish would [have] happen[ed] with this character in canon.
- The fic I really want to read about them but haven't yet found.


83 VOY icons + 14 other Trek icons

Since I am horrible at keeping up with posting real life stuff on here, I'll go ahead and make a massive icon dump :D


97 Star Trek Challenge iconsCollapse )